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From simply making news keys to full lock rebuilds, we can repair just about any lock – call us today!

How CTML can help with lock repairs

Many new locks, designed for composite and PVCu doors, are not serviceable items but that doesn’t mean we can’t repair them!  There are many replacement gearboxes, handles and other parts that we can fit to return a failed multipoint mechanism to working order.

We carry a huge range of spare parts for lever locks, including bolt throwers, levers and springs.  Which means many locks can be rebuilt to working order without the expense of replacing the lock.  On older locks, such as those from the Victorian period, we can make new parts from scratch.  We have the necessary machinery in-house, such as lathes, milling machines and pillar drills, to make or repair just about any part in an old lock.

Our repair services have been used on many non-lock related items too.  Obsolete items aren’t just lock related; for example, we have been called on to rebuild the ticket office turntables on Victoria Railway Station.

In today’s environmentally conscious world it also makes sense to repair rather than renew, wherever possible and CTML can do just that. 

Call us now to discuss how we can help repair locks, safes or anything else you may have.


Why repair a lock?

Not all locks can be easily replaced.  If it’s from an old building, then the lock may be obsolete or have been hand made.  If this is the case then there may simply be no good modern alternative, so repairing it may be the only option.  Locks on old safes are almost certainly unavailable now and there won’t be a compatible lock available to replace them, so a repair is the best solution.

Environmentally it makes sense too.  Repairing a lock is much more environmentally acceptable as it has a much lower carbon footprint than buying a new one.  

What is a lock repair?

Lock repairs can be anything from simply providing new keys to a full rebuild.  Most mortice locks to BS3621 have a bolt thrower designed to carry the key and many manufacturers supply these as a spare part.  So, if your key is sticking a clean out and a new bolt thrower may be the solution.  If it’s an old lock without a bolt thrower we can cut new keys to take out the wear, or we can solder in new keyways into the lockcase.

Multipoint mechanisms have components made of Mazak or similar castings and these components are generally not available however we can replace the centre gearbox to bring the lock back into working order.

How do you repair a lock?

This usually depends on what the lock is made from.  As we said earlier if it’s a multipoint lock from a UPVC or composite door then the repair usually involves replacing components, such as gearboxes, because of the materials used in their manufacture.  If the lock is from a wooden door, or a safe, then more repairs are possible.  We can manufacture many parts from scratch, and we can rebuild locks back to full operation.  If the keyway is badly worn, we can solder in a new one so that it is returned to the correct size.

We stock a range of springs, either lock specific, or that can be modified to fit.  The old-style feather springs used in many Victorian locks are a good example of a simple lock repair

We stock many components, such as levers, keys, bolt throwers and springs to be ale to repair and rebuild locks quickly and cheaply



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Lock Repairs


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