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One key to open everything?

Imagine a situation where a single key will open every lock in their house?  Well, here at CTML we can achieve that for you.  No need to spend hours looking for keys to the shed or garage, the same key for the front door will open everything – call us today!

Imagine needing just one key?

Using locks we build up in-house we can supply a set of locks for the whole house, including door locks, padlocks, bicycle locks and shed locks, all working from a single key.

Because we key up locks in-house (pardon the pun!) then it’s a simple task to assemble them to a single key to work them all.

If that key goes missing we can also rekey the locks to a new combination and provide new keys for a fraction of the cost of replacing all the locks. It’s something locksmiths have done forever!

The locks can be standard key locks or high security Sold Secure SS312 Diamond/ TS007 3* locks for maximum resistance to burglary.


Why have all locks keyed alike for a one-key house?

It’s much more convenient to have a single key to open everything around the house. No more looking in drawers for that elusive shed key!

Is it less secure to have all the locks working to one key?

Having a single key for all your locks means that you are less likely to leave it on the premises for someone to find if they break in. You also won’t need to leave it in the door in case you can’t find it. And, if you think about it, you’ll probably have a few keys on your keyring so if you lose the ring you’ve lost them all anyway!

What happens if I lose my keys?

We can strip down the locks and rekey them all to a new combination and supply new keys – which is much cheaper than replacing everything. Hat’s also more environmentally friendly as we’ll be reusing the locks.



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