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Intruder alarm technology has come a long way in recent years. We offer installation of Smart Security Intruders Alarms using wireless technology with battery powered sensors. Giving you the peace of mind without the mess of wires or clunky sensors. Call us today!

Introducing Smart Security

Intruder alarm technology has come a long way in recent years. The old systems using wires run between the sensors and the panel are a thing of the past. Smart Security Intruder Alarms use wireless technology with battery powered sensors which means CTML can supply and fit a smart security system that is almost totally wireless, only requiring power at the control panel, in just a few hours. No mess and no lifting carpets to run cables, just a quick neat installation in half a day.

All our Smart Intruder Alarm systems use wireless sensors incorporating channel hopping technology to reduce the risk of frequency interference or jamming. Essential for peace of mind the systems can also detect an attempt to jam the alarm system. The panel can even be configured to sound the alarm if someone is trying to jam the system.

Don’t confuse our alarms with the cheap DIY systems, these are reliable quality systems backed up by expert installers.

There is also no need to have your alarm monitored by a central station: the bespoke mobile App will notify you when something happens.

There is a huge range of wireless sensors including:

  • Contacts for doors & windows
  • Hand held fobs for arm/disarm and panic functions
  • Shock sensors to detect force attacks
  • Pet tolerant PIR motion sensors allow you to arm the system with cats and small dogs in the house
  • PIR motion sensors with on-board cameras for visual verification of alarms
  • External motion detectors to protect gardens, vehicles, and external property
  • DualTech PIR detectors to reduce false alarms in conservatories and Orangeries
  • Smoke & heat detectors
  • Flood detectors


A wire-free doorbell that sees everything? – Click the video below!


Why have an intruder alarm?

Intruder alarms give you peace of mind that your property is protected. Used as part of a security package that can include high security locks and CCTV they offer a level of protection by sounding a warning if there is a break-in.

Why have a wireless intruder alarm?

Wireless intruder alarms offer a high level of security with the convenience of quick and easy installation. Using the dedicated app allows the householder to be notified if there is a break-in without the need for a costly monitoring agreement.

External motion sensors can even sound an alarm before a property, a vehicle on a driveway, or a garage is broken into. The new external sensors give a highly reliable detection of humans whilst ignoring animals and small birds

What is the difference between a professional alarm and a DIY alarm?

Professional alarms are usually approved to security standards which offer a higher level of protection than most DIY alarms. A professionally fitted alarm is designed with you in mind and based on experience and knowledge of vulnerable areas.

A professionally fitted, and maintained, alarm can save you money on your home insurance – something that may not be the case if you have fitted the alarm yourself.



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